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Step Into My Woodland Lair

Take a walk with me ...

Here in San Francisco, the COVID numbers are down and the numbers of the vaccinated are up. Live theatre has begun to take its first steps back and, in the spirit of optimism, I am delighted to share two opportunities for you and I to see each other in person!

Since May 13 I have had the pleasure of embodying a psychopomp (a mythological guide from one world to the next) inspired by the Afro-Hatian deity Papa Legba and guiding visitors on a meditative journey through San Francisco's McLaren Park.

It's all part of a wonderful theatrical adventure called Psychopomp, produced by the visionary We Players, in which individuals or pairs are led on a curated journey through the park, exploring liminal spaces with mythical creatures inspired by psychopomps from all over the world.

Doing this walk has been such a glorious way to return to socializing and to connect to the splendor of Mother Nature. Audiences and critics have been raving about Psychopomp, with the San Francisco Chronicle declaring that I have turned the park into a lair and lounge. I hope you'll come walk with us before we close on Sunday, June 27.

Tix and More Info:

Photo by Mark and Tracy Photography

Costume by Brooke Jennings


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