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My New Film Drops Tonight!

Today Is The Day!

My new film, MANIFESTO, is available for streaming this weekend and next.

MANIFESTO tells the tale of a queer, black actor who is searching for revolutionary art in a time when diversity is trending. We use comedy, drag, music, and appearances by James Baldwin, Nina Simone, Amiri Baraka, and Alejandro Jodorowsky to interrogate the role of a revolutionary artist in these times.Building upon the original stage show, we used a professional film crew and some COVID-era innovation to create a cinematic journey that will tickle your sides and expand your mind.

You can view MANIFESTO from April 22-25 and from April 29 to May 3.

It took a glorious team of formidable talents to make this happen. Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe directed the hell out of this and edited our movie in record time and with her signature genius. Christian Figueroa, our director of photography, gave us gorgeous footage, while Jennyb of Shady Lady Lighting lit the shoot to perfection. My dear Andy MacLennan created brilliant titles and my wifey, Oliver Martinez aka Elvis on Velvet composed some dope music. Jason Hannan gave us some spot-on sound design from the stage show while Fatin Cooper, our sound engineer, took the film to the next level. My beloved, Shane Convery gave us ideas, so much love, and a scene-stealing cameo appearance. Little Giant Lighting & Grip donated lights and So'pu Naturals and kalm korner by kehinde donated props. Pamela Peniston and Queer Cultural Center commissioned the stage play and Anastacia Powers Cuellar, Alba Lluch, Carlie Mari, Annette Muller, and the whole team at Brava Theater Center, in collaboration with Black Artists Contemporary Cultural Experience, gave us a wonderful stage production last year and immeasurable love and support for mounting this film.

I must also thank Beyonce for allowing us to use her music as long as we give her a cut. Please buy some tickets so Beyonce doesn't dispossess us of our homes!

And finally, many thanks to James Baldwin, Nina Simone, Amiri Baraka, Sun Ra,and Alejandro Jodorowsky for their inspired appearances in our film. I can't wait for you to see what we've concocted!


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