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Welcome To Rotimi's So Called Acting Life

Even though my face is still as smooth and fresh as a new born's fanny (don't laugh) I am, alas, getting older. And I figure it's time to get more responsible about things like keeping my friends, family, and colleagues updated about my career. So I made a mailing list to share my latest exploits with you. And I intend for this to be a two-way street. I hope you will write back and let me know what you're up to so that we may inspire and support each other. Now onto my exciting news! I'm in a wonderful play that opens this week - the classic A Raisin In The Sun at California Shakespeare Theatre (Cal Shakes). And I get to play a Nigerian (!) - the brilliant Joseph Asagai. We start previews on Wednesday May 21 and run till Jun 15. I love this cast and crew and can't wait to share our beautiful creation with you! Please visit for more info and let me know if you want me to arrange half-price tickets for you. In related news I am now a member of Actors Equity. As a firm believer in the labor movement I'm thrilled to be a union member. And this Monday I became the newest member of the Collective of the San Francisco Mime Troupe. That makes me a company member and co-artistic director of this 55-year-old, Tony Award-winning, political theatre. I'm soexcited to join the collective at such an exciting and challenging time of transition for the troupe and for this city. Look out for our summer show, Ripple Effect, at parks all over Northern California ( That's it for now, dear friends. I hope this email finds yu in good spirits and I look forward to hearing your updates! P.S. For those of you who like teasers, I'm attaching a photo of the gorgeous Bruns Ampitheatre where we perform Raisin and a shot of me in costume as Asagai. See you at the Bruns!


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