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Happy 2020!

Happy New Year, dear Friends!

I hope your 2020 is off to a glorious start. I rang in the year officiating the midnight nuptials of my buddy Michael and his love Mehgan (That’s right--you may now call me Reverend Rotimi and I've got the certificate to prove it!)

Self-proclaimed "theatre nerds", the bride and groom inspired a wedding ceremony that was so spectacularly them--complete with musical numbers, moments of meditation, and Steven Universe-themed affirmations of how our love for one another is the only way to make sense of our journey through this chaotic cosmos. I left determined to live more lovingly and artfully in 2020 and am excited to share some of the ways I'll be pursuing that resolution!

(Photo by Heather Rogers)

I'm having such a delicious time playing Pythio, the nonbinary oracle, in HEAD OVER HEELS, a modern fairytale set to the music of The Go-Go's, at New Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco.

Our sweet and zany show has been delighting audiences, including Jane Wiedlinof The Go-Go's who came to see us last night! Come dance to our beat before we close on Jan 12.


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