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Making My Off-Broadway Debut

I've been wintering in New York City and though the weather outside has been mostly frightful, I've been feeling a sizzle because I get to perform in one of the most beautiful, funny, and fiery pieces of theatre I've ever done. I'm playing the role of a one-man Chorus/Cellphone in the world premiere of Tori Sampson's If Pretty Hurts Ugly Must Be a Muhfucka, a hilarious retelling of a West African folktale that skewers the absurd beauty standards that women (particularly black women) are subjected to by a society that insists on classifying and ranking human beings. I have loved playing with this wickedly talented creative team and am grateful for the wonderful response we've received. The New York Times named us a Critic's Pick (and called my performance "whimsical") and I have had wonderful post show conversations with audience members who have been dazzled, moved, and provoked. Sadly, all good things must come to an end and we close this SUNDAY, MARCH 31st. So you've got five more chances to visit us in the glittering world of Affreakah Amirrorkah. Come indulge in our whimsy!

Photos by Joan Marcus

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