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Lets go to the Ma(u)l!

I hope life is treating you well and that you are finding ways to rise above the world's madness ... or at least laugh at it. I'm gaining deeper appreciation for humor as the most appropriate response to the absurdities of our age and have been working hard on a piece that makes you laugh, cry, and gasp in the same breath. An American Ma(u)l is a satire about what happens when the president revokes the 14th amendment and reinstates slavery in America. It's a rowdy, raunchy and revealing romp through Americana and is sure to blow your mind. Written by the supremely gifted Robert O' Hara (Bootycandy) and directed by my daring partner-in-crime, Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe, our production features a stupendous cast of amazing actors. It's such a joy doing this show and I hope you'll join us before we close on Nov 11. TONIGHT Is our Pay What You Can Industry Night. So those of you who are on a budget or in a show (and who isn't these days) should hightail it down to Brava Theater in San Francisco and catch us. Show's at 8pm! An American Ma(u)l Brava Theatre, 2781 24th st, San Francisco, CA Oct 18 - Nov 11 (photos by Gareth Gooch)

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