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Seeing Red with the San Francisco Mime Troupe (I wrote a play!)

As the world burns, we at the San Francisco Mime Troupe have been cooking, cooking, cooking a response to these terrifying times. Using the magic of theatre, we've conjured a farcical fantasy about a working class Trump voter who find herself at the center of this country's socialist history and learns to reject despair and embrace the joy of fighting for a brighter future. This year I put on the playwright hat for the first time, writing the play with the guidance of the legendary Joan Holden, former resident playwright for the Mime Troupe. Mounting this play has been such a glorious challenge and I am so proud of the work our ensemble has created under the inspired direction of my partner-in-crime, Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe. SEEING RED opens on July 4 in San Francisco's Dolores Park and tours Northern California with FREEshows in the parks till Sep 9. Don't miss it!

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