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Come Get Your Bootcandy! (and a report from Austin, Texas)

Last Thursday I came full circle I was in Austin, Texas, performing Type/Caste at OUTsider Fest. While waiting backstage, I reflected on the decision I made, eleven years ago, to become a professional actor. That decision was precipitated by my friends, collaborators and teachers in Austin who encouraged me to express myself through theatre. As I stepped onto the stage I saw many of their faces in the audience smiling back at me. I saw other faces too: members of my queer family, old friends and new, who continue to inspire me to fiercely resist this society's attempts to minimize and homogenize our exuberant humanity. What a glorious and humbling experience that performance was! As Stephen Sondheim says, no one is alone. OUTsider reminded me that we must keep reaching out, forming alliances, building community, and lifting each other up. That's how we vanquish small-minded hate.

You know what else conquers hate? Full-throated, joyful laughter. And that's what you're gonna have if you come see my latest play, Bootycandy! When I saw this play in New York a few years ago my sides ached from laughing and I was in love! It's a dream come true to be performing in its Bay Area premiere and we open tonight! From the brilliant mind of Robert O'Hara, Bootycandy paints a moving and hilarious portrait of growing up black and gay in America. The play leaps across decades and wanders from churches to bars to a Best Western in Brooklyn. I portray five outrageous characters and I'm having more fun than I've ever had in a play that I didn't write 😜 Bootycandy runs at Brava Theater in San Francisco till March 5. Don't miss it! #makeamericalickagain

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