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Type/Caste Plays San Francisco And Berkeley

The world continues to rumble as public education and our environment face emboldened threats but we must not lose sight of the good news. People are participating in this country's democracy with renewed vigor and are asking vital questions about how best to fight against bigotry and greed. I truly appreciate all of you who have been calling representatives, educating yourselves, and forming alliances against oppression. Now more than ever we must, to paraphrase something a very wise goddess says in Type/Caste:

tell new stories, different stories, our own stories.

It's not enough to be against something; we must imagine the world we wish to live in and tell stories that inspire we the people to create that world. So I'm very excited to tell my own story this weekend in San Francisco and Berkeley! Type/Caste will play at San Francisco's Z Space on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday and at Berkeley's Shotgun Players on Friday. See below for more details and see you at the theatre!

FRIDAY, FEB 10 at Shotgun Players in Berkeley TYPE/CASTE plays Shotgun Players' BLAST Festival Friday, February 10 at 8pm.

FEB 9, 11, 12, 28 and MARCH 7 at Z Space in San Francisco TYPE/CASTE plays Murmuration Festival at Z Space for 5 performances. Thursday, Feb 9, at 7pm Saturday, Feb 11, at 8pm Sunday, Feb 12, at 2pm Tuesday Feb, 28, and Tuesday, March 7 at 7pm

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