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Type/Caste Is A Hit!

Reviews are in and the critics say that Type/Caste "demands to be seen." "Like Whoopi Goldberg in her one-woman show, the one that made her a star, Agbabiaka can do it all ... he has an astonishing range."

“On top of accents, his richly imagined writer’s life and those aforementioned acting chops, Rotimi Agbabiaka can also belt out a song ... [he] leaves you wanting to hear more.”

- Jeffrey Edalatpour of SF Weekly

“What to do … when you don't fit even into the types that casting directors want to project onto you? … If you're a talented performer like Rotimi Agbabiaka, you take matters into your hands.” “Type/Caste is ... richly packed ... inventively staged by Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe”

- Richard Dodds of Bay Area Reporter

“Each time I've seen Agbabiaka perform, I have been bowled over by his versatility, his fierce dramatic commitment, the complexity of his craft, and the white-hot fire he brings to any theatrical venture. This is a man who gives 150% of what he's got to an audience. It is breathtaking to watch him take a stage and own it.”

“Whether reliving the childhood thrill of trying on his mother's wedding gown or dressing down to nothing more than a tailored sport jacket, shiny high heels, and a bulging studded leather jockstrap, Agbabiaka proves once again to be a remarkable performer”

“His performance in Type/Caste demands to be seen.”

- George Heymont of My Cultural Landscape

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