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Get Summer Schooled with the Mime Troupe!

I hope you are basking in some soothing summer sunshine and taking good care of yourselves. Our world is rumbling right now with so much discontent and anger and the far-too-frequent eruptions of violence and venom are enough to make one lose hope in humanity. But I truly believe that the fight for equality and justice for all is not lost and I am grateful that theatre can inspire revolutionary love. Cue the San Francisco Mime Troupe - now in it's 57th year of fighting injustice one play at a time! I'm thrilled to be part of this legendary company's current show, SCHOOLED, which starts off as an eye-opening examination of the encroaching privatization of our public schools and morphs into a full-blown parody of the current US Presidential Election. Using our trademark humor, political critique, and catchy music we've been educating and entertaining audiences since opening on July 4. We're back in the Bay Area after a great tour up to Northern California - during which I assumed responsibility for driving the Troupe's 27-ton truck, a feat that I am incredibly proud of. We'll be at Lake Merritt, Oakland this Wednesday, July 27 (my birthday!) and Thursday, July 28 and we'll be touring all over the Bay Area and beyond till September 5.

Check out our schedule of FREE shows on the Mime Troupe

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