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Give Me A Head With HAIR!

My new show, HAIR, opened this past Saturday and what a magnificent night it was! The Victoria Theatre buzzed with the electricity of an excited audience encountering a "tribe" of performers and crew who have gelled together beautifully to breathe new life into this groundbreaking musical. When HAIR opened on Broadway in the 1960s it gave voice to a generation tired of endless war, racial discrimination, environmental devastation, and sexual repression. Sound familiar? The most cursory glance at today's news is enough to show you that our society still battles the same demons and our production of HAIR is so heartfelt and bold in its exploration of how the young and free of heart can fight the power. I am so proud of this tribe and I hope you'll join us at the Victoria Theatre in San Francisco before we close on March 12. You can get tickets and more info at and I hear there are some deeply discounted tix for our show on

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