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runboyrun at Magic Theatre

I opened the world premiere of runboyrun with this stunningly talented cast at Magic Theatre last Wednesday. I LOVE these artists and have cherished birthing this breathtaking play with them.

Mfoniso Udofia continues to spin poetic and dramatic magic in her tale of Nigerian ghosts who follow the Ufot family to America and Sean San Jose's direction is sublime. The critics are saying nice things about us including this gem from the San Francisco Chronicle:

"The paired productions offer the added pleasure of seeing [Katherine] Turner and [Rotimi] Agbabiaka shifting from the tender couple they play in “Sojourners” to the younger brother and sister here. It’s a striking and moving transformation of the sort once reliably delivered by the vanishingly rare rotating repertory format. As lovers or siblings, these two fine actors use their keen physical presence, mobile faces and liquid Ibibio accents to give everything they do a present-tense immediacy" I hope you'll join us before we close on May 15. Tix and more info at:

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