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Sojourners at Magic Theatre

When I first decided to become a professional actor my father asked me, "Do you think these Americans are going to put you in their plays and movies?" Well, I'm glad some of "these Americans" have answered that question by putting me in some of their plays but I felt an especially deep and joyful satisfaction on Wednesday night as I opened in SOJOURNERS, a play that so beautifully expresses the Nigerian experience in America. I felt exceedingly honored and so grateful to stand on an American stage and speak with the voice of my mother and my aunts, my father and my uncles. To speak the gorgeously crafted words of our playwright, Mfoniso Udofia, who captures, with such poetry and emotional truth, the loneliness and courage of being a strange person in a strange land. I thank my ancestors and all the benevolent spirits in the universe for leading me to the role of a lifetime in the play of a lifetime. I hope you'll join us at Magic Theatre in San Francisco before we close on May 8. We've got shows Tuesdays through Sundays and I have some discount tickets available. Please let me know if you'd like them. Tix and more info at:

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