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A Masquerade 4 Prince (Escorted by The Alphabet City) A.P. *After Prince

On Saturday April 29, I join a host of San Francisco's finest performers, led by the brilliant choreographer, Rashad Pridgen, in celebrating the life and legacy of Prince. Taking place one year and seven days after the passing of Prince, the #MQ4Prince A Masquerade 4 Prince... will pay homage to the elevation of Prince as an ancestor — reclaiming the concepts of death and celebration originating from the African Diaspora. The masquerade will illuminate Prince's influence on people of color in the LGBTQ community through invocation, street dance performance and procession. The performance is free to attend and will begin at 6:30 pm at the Luggage Store Entrance Gallery (1007 Market Street, San Francisco). This site-specific dance-performance, drag-memorial and creative offering will culminate with a full-body masquerade suit in tribute to Prince Nelson Rogers. The performance procession will end at the Tenderloin National Forest (501 Ellis Street) with a community celebration and reception. Get more info here and see you at the masquerade!

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